Title: Yaoi
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Neither Teen nor Adult. Never lose your way.

Voice was done by me.

Thanks to Lav for the mixing aid and adding the end SFX.

Song was Before My Body Is Dry from the KLK OST.

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im so hapy right now

So am I.

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Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(

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  [ ... ] I stabbed you. 

& I tortured you. If we can get along, maybe there's hope.
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I trust him

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I have the feeling that this is every day at the Achievement Hunter Office

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Don’t leave me alone in this world.

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House Stark meme: 8 quotes [5/8]

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im lame haha hah ah ah ah ha

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Hannibal is less painful to watch if you just pretend every conversation is about dogs

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